Saturday, May 31, 2008

Benefit Ride

Over the past couple of years I have gained a love for cycling, which has opened the doors to some great opportunities for adventure! On Memorial Day I had the chance to ride 82 miles with a small group of 5 guys who have organized and are completing a benefit ride to raise money for research to find a cure for EB. While I am not an expert on EB, it is a rare genetic skin disease that has caused children and young adults to suffer in great ways that most will never have to endure. Their website is "" - more info about EB as wells a links to find out more about the trek and read their blog can be found there.
So we road from Bellevue into Seattle (Pier 52) and then rode a ferry across to Bainbridge island and continued cycling into Shelton and then west to Elma, Washington. It was a beautiful day, and we saw some gorgeous country along the highways and back roads.
Dad and Mom Skeen were so nice and came and picked me up in little Elma where the EB trek crew stayed the night. They had already ridden from Provo, UT and are currently making their way down to Los Angeles where they will complete their trek!
I was spoiled and only got a taste of their ride and then was treated to a delicious slab of catfish, shrimp, vegies and baked potato at Red Lobster! What a life! Mama and Papa are too good to their daughter who sends them on these wild goose chases... More adventures ahead!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Grandchild

Madison Naomi Miller...
Kristen and Kevin just welcomed the first grandchild into the family! Madison Naomi Miller was born at about 4am on May 22. She is happy and healthy, as are her parents! We are all soooo anxious to meet Madison. Andrew and Rachel have been able to see her because of their proximity, and we are all very jealous. She is adorable! You can see more pics on Kevin and Kristen's blog...

Her middle name was chosen in remembrance of Nancy Naomi and Eliza Naomi Tracy Skeen, who are Kristen's Great Great Great Grandmother and Great Great Grandmother.

One concern we've had at "grandma and grandpa's" house is that when Madi comes to visit, Joey will not get nearly the attention that he needs and "deserves" as the "baby" in the house. Any suggestions?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Green Goodness

Jenni and Jenna got some great pics along the Columbia river on their drive home. It's such a pretty time of year. Green lush forests are even more amazing when you haven't been surrounded by them for a long period. We love it here!

Spring Time!

Spring has come! Dad keeps working hard with his water heater company as well as helping everyone with everything that MacGyver can do... the list is endless! Mom still keeps her cheery self serving her hubby and kids with dinner while still working on the side... it's also baby blanket making season! Maea is preparing to go to prom and staying busy with school and friends now that track season is over. Brian is working for another company now in sales and seems to be finding success. Jenni is home temporarily and works for the school district as well as working for Dad as a receptionist while getting things lined up for the big move that's coming up soon.