Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Genealogy... Mom is doing it... Our Genealogy!

Mom has been so diligent at working on the family genealogy... Adding multiple names to the family tree by the week! She is so good at this and does it so quietly. If you have a minute, I would encourage you to take a look at her progress... Family Search is a great place to check it out. You'll want to register as a new user on the new Family Search website (click here). You'll need your membership number and confirmation date, which can be found on your temple recommend or with a member of your bishopric or a clerk. Jump on it, because it's pretty amazing!

Also, all males of the family, by blood or marriage... Mom would gladly take you up on helping complete temple work for some of our male family members who she has researched recently! Give her a call.

I love family history but have not done nearly enough to even begin to be able to support Mom in her incredible efforts... Maybe we can inspire each other more in this way. What an incredible heritage we have to hold to as Skeens and Behrens!