Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I dubb mama and papa, bri and maea official blogging mastas and mastesses for this family blog now that we are not connected at the hip as of late.
In their honor, though, I must say that PATIENCE is a virtue mom and dad teach me a lot about. In my most recent path-changing adventures, I am again learning that there is much need for greater patience and TRUST in Heavenly Father.
Remembering always that He will never support us and lead us to do one thing and then leave us high and dry in the details is so important. "He is the same yesterday, today, and forever." He will not change from that which He says or does. This is why we are invited to, "Cast not away, therefore [our] confidence..." (Heb. 10). We will never realize fully what our Father has in store for us if we do not hold on with patience, heeding the enticings of the Holy Spirit, trusting and sincerely seeking and living that we can be close to the Spirit in decisions, small and large... The moment that we choose to just settle when it "doesn't feel quite right," is the moment that we compromise the greatness of the gift, or "reward," that He so badly wants to give us... Good things often just TAKE TIME... There is no formula, as far as I am aware, to the amount of time one reward takes to receive or another, and I don't think Father in Heaven doesn't see it that way... Time is often of great importance to us, but it is the experience (timeless) that is of great importance to Him and can become more important to us. He loves us so much that He not only wants to reward us with finding the right place to be, the right person(s) to be with, and the right tools to obtain, but he wants to reward us with BECOMING like Him- receiving Christlike attributes... Gaining experience, and obtaining joy that is not temporary but lasting, even eternal as we continue to seek and obtain true rewards.
So, my point is, learning PATIENCE can be very rewarding, both temporally and spiritually. Seeking this virtue can only bring us to a realization of greater joy and peace... And who doesn't need more joy and peace today?
Well... I have gone on much longer than I planned. Still learning! Press on!
I will connect this more completely to specific experiences in a later email or posting of some sort.