Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Delights

This morning Dad enjoyed our family's traditional "breakfast in bed," although he had already been out of bed... we were a little late in rising. After church and Sunday naps, Mom made some delicious ribs (with the help of Brian) and baked potatoes. Then came some fun with Joey outside followed by enjoying one of Dad's favorite desserts... Strawberry rhubarb pie and vanilla ice cream (pic and notes about the pie recipe below). Happy Father's Day to a super special Dad! We love you!
The pie recipe came from America's Test Kitchen cookbook. It turned out beautifully, as you can see, and we enjoyed the taste, recognizing it could be better... It could have used a little less rhubarb and more strawberries than the recipe calls for. The rhubarb we used came from our neighbor's garden (they are so nice to share with us)... I may have picked some stalks that were slightly too ripe and therefore bitter. The crust recipe was the best used yet, and it baked really well (following the directions on the recipe).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Joey...missing his mom

Joseph Carlos, "Joey," misses his mom. He's enjoyed some great walks with his sissy as well as sprints while Dad and Sissy play catch in the backyard, not to mention a deodorizing bath with his other sissy. Nevertheless, he just misses his mom. One of the highlights this week was going on an adventure walk with Dad and Sissy and then walking home from the trail, thinking that he saw mom's car over and over and over again... He even attempted to chase a few!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Moses Lake Triathalon

Pictures, Compliment's of Dad's pro-phone Photography! He saved the day!

Adventure #2... The goggles and suit, running shoes and biking spandis were packed, and miraculously (really) Dulce's derailleurs were tuned up and happy to go. After some kinks were worked through in our departure, Dad and I took off in "Bu," the Malibu, and made our way to Moses Lake (Eastern Washington). Sleep was short and sweet at the hotel as we found ourselves pulling in just before 1am. Prayers were answered as we woke to a dry and sunny Saturday morning. Blue Heron park was less than 10 minutes away, which made for a speedy arrival at the stare line, a dock on Moses Lake.
I was one of 3 non-wet-suit swimmers awaiting the race to start. The start was sweet, pulling my way to the front part of the swimming pack, soon opening up to enjoy a full stroke to get me going more fluently. Lack of water (hydration) and water that was at most 65 degrees Fahrenheit soon led to a panicking Jenni... yes, swimming was my primary sport... this was strange enough that I chose not to risk it and made my way to the shore. There I sat for a moment before I ran back to the bike start (feeling very sheepish for dropping out of the swim!), dried off, hydrated and suited up for the biking stretch after reporting that I dropped out to an official. So as to not throw of fellow racers from my heat, I awaited their departure from the water and joined in the rest of the race...
Biking went well... head winds made the downhill feel oddly tough, but it sure felt good to pass up a few, not to mention being passed up by plenty of cyclists. I did not realize how strong the wind was until it was on my side for the return. I reached a max speed of 68 mph, according to my speedometer! (Did I mention that I installed in incorrectly so it was reading about twice my actual speed?) Pulling ahead of two bikers at the tail end of the ride gave me a little extra time to sort through my transition, get my running shoes on an take off down by the river along the paved running path.
6.2 miles of running along Moses Lake made for a great race... While it was not trail running like I get at home, I got to meet an inspiring woman in her forties who is an Iron man Athlete competing in this race for training purposes. She is originally from Adelaide, Australia and currently is a practicing pediatrician in Vancouver B.C. We kept each other company and made the last stretch of the race quite enjoyable. It was women like her and many others in their 40's and 50's who assure me that I have better races ahead!
While I am not pleased with my performance and take full responsibility for not preparing properly for the swimming part, it was a great experience- one that I am grateful for! It was even better to have Dad there cheering me on a taking pics on his Blackberry phone. He was a great support despite that fact that I completely threw him off when I walked up to him unexpectedly dressed in my bike clothes rather than running out of the water in my swim suit and goggles!
More adventures ahead! Thanks again for my supportive Dad and Mom (she would have been there too had she not been tending to her new granddaughter)!!!