Monday, July 28, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle...really!

July 08 An epic adventure! Teri's cousin, Tomato, from Hawaii, came to visit for a week. Sis. Toni came from CA to join in the fun! We've never had time to chill as 'girlfriends' before - no schedule, no funeral, nothing... We did our best to show her the best of Washington! A ferry ride, Pikes Place, Ballard locks, Lincoln Square for dinner and a movie - "Mama Mia" One of her favorite outings was the trip out on the boat, we cruised to Ivar's on Lake Washington for dinner, looked at the homes on the lake then ended the evening with a beautiful sunset in the west and a big full orange moon rising in the east. As icing on the cake, we were entertained by Jenni skiing and Brian wake boarding as the moon shone behind them. A glorious evening! It was a lot of fun, Tomato (she's 60something) ran us ragged - she has more energy than any of us and wakes up cheerful, too! She grew up with our MOM so it was fun to hear Chang family stories and get to know each other better. We did a little genealogy, she is better at 'who's who' among the Aea Chang side, she knew most of them!!
A great week, we must do it again soon!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Interviews in VA

Seeking to start her first teaching job in a new place for adventure, Jenni went to Virginia, near WA D.C. for interviews. It was a great trip, and she had some great interviews and was offered math teaching positions in middle school. Choosing to take an offer south of Arlington, she will be only about 20 minutes from D.C. working with students who have not excelled in their past math classes. She is very excited for the challenges ahead and feels great about the decision. Currently she is waiting to hear back about Licensure details as Utah's teaching licenses are different from Virginia's.
While in Virginia, she stayed with a very nice family whom she got connected with through people she associates with in church in Bellevue. The family was so welcoming and she feels blessed now to have another family to be close to while she is out there away from her family.
One of the highlights of the trip was forging her way through the streets of DC to visit a few of the monuments and then making a trip to Maryland to the DC temple in Kensington. She's a little more comfortable with the different traffic patterns and culture there but still has more to learn... Hahaha.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Madison- Baby Blessing

Celebrating July 4th on the road to Boise and then with Kristen and Kevin made for a unique Independence day! The ride was very nice considering we had Joey along for the ride... Frequent stops were refreshing though it stretched out the travel time a fair amount. Nonetheless, we made it, and we were welcomed into the Brookings home by the new family of three! Madison is so darling, and we always love seeing Kristen and Kevin, thus it was well worth the drive. Sunday, Andrew and Rachel joined us in Boise and we all go to be at church with Craig and Marvel and other family to witness Madison being blessed in sacrament meeting. It was sweet. Really.
So, we proudly and joyously welcome, one more time, Madison Naomi Miller! She has two fabulous parents and a great life of experience ahead of her!
Sad to say good bye, though only temporary, to our siblings/kids and niece/granddaughter; weary to hit to road home... Dad and Mom get major props for the safe return in the wee hours of the morning!